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Physiatric Pain & Medical Rehabilitation Clinic, P.A.
882 South Kirkman Road.Suite 305
Orlando,Florida 32811


 The Physiatric Pain & Medical Rehabilitation Clinic (PPMRC) is a full service Pain Management Clinic,founded by Nnamdi C. Nwaogwugwu M.D. in 2002. Our mission as a medical practice is to provide professional, comprehensive, compassionate, excellent and cost-effective medical care to all injured patients.

Dr. Nwaogwugwu is a Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) specialist. He is also a Northwestern and Mayo Clinic alumnus,uniquely qualified to evaluate all musculoskeletal injuries and create customized treatment protocol while improving the patient quality of life.

Our comprehensive treatment plan consists of medically supervised rehabilitation therapies;trigger point injections,epidural steroid injections(ESI's), moist heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, hydro- bed therapies and various massage techniques to limit pain and suffering under the care of a licensed therapist, supervised by Dr. Nwaogwugwu.

The patient's will also be provided passive-active range of motion exercises, gentle joint specific stretching and strengthening programs to increase flexibility and range of motion while improving patients strength, conditioning and decreasing pain.

Periodic medical follow ups do occur with the treatment team and modifications (including trigger point injections) to patients care are continually made to ensure quality and excellent results.

Dr. Nwaogwugwu also provides Nerve Conduction /EMG testing to assist other physicians with complex medical cases by electro-physiologically ruling in or out cervical and lumbar radiculopathies, plexopathies, peripheral neuropathies, ulnar and median neuropathies and recommending an appropriate course of treatment.

Come experience professional, compassionate, excellent rehabilitation at its best with proven results.


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