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For the longest of time my back hurt. There were days it hurt so bad I had to call in sick to work-I just couldn't face it. More and more often, I ended up in the emergency room with pain that rocketed off the charts. Actually, it was the doctor who had seen me often at the emergency room that suggested I try the Physiatric Pain & Medical Rehabilitation Clinic run by Dr. Nwaogwugwu. I was skeptical, but it was my last resort. Most of the first month was devoted to dulling the pain with oral medicine and doing the X-rays and MRI's that would determine the cause of my pain. After the diagnosis came the treatment: A series of three Epidural injections that completely and dramatically changed my life.

 Why on earth did I never think of doing this before? I do not have to miss work anymore, I can sit comfortably at home and watch TV, I can get in and out of my car without difficulty and at bedtime I do not cry myself to sleep anymore.

The pain has completely gone! I am also doing physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in my back, to learn to stretch and relax them, and hopefully to keep the pain away permanently.

This miracle in my life I owe to the expertise and accurate diagnosis of Dr. Nwaogwugwu; a caring doctor who actually listens and understand and who works a little magic into his science. - Jacqueline R.


My husband, Donald has been a patient at Physiatric Pain & Medical Rehabilitation Clinic (PPMRC) for 5 years. They are a very conscientious of their patientís well-being. Dr. Nwaogwugwu actually listens when you talk. The staff is always very helpful and courteous. Dr. N is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to relieving the patientís pain. PPMRC is a good choice for your pain management. - Kathleen S.

I look forward to my visits at PPMRC, I love the staff, they make you feel welcomed and that they really care about you and your well-being. Thereíre always courteous and friendly. Dr. Nwaogwugwu (Dr. N) is the greatest; I would recommend PPRM to everyone. I love them dearly, they are the best! Ė Monique F.

Dr Nwaogwugwu is genuinely an exceptional doctor. For me, his most outstanding ability is that he cares enough to really listen to you. He asks you questions until he is sure he understands your point of view. That is a rate quality. He has compassion, insight, and superior skills. You would be a lucky person to have him as your doctor.  Grace L.

After a terrible car accident which left me seriously injured in the area of neck and back I found this office which offered the care I needed. Immediately after my 1st visit I felt very confident I would be in good hands, so Iíve been receiving care and treatments and physical therapy which has helped me after several months. I must say every visit Iíve had has been better and better. Everything they prescribe and recommend especially the physical therapy has been God sent. I am so grateful for the Doctor, Staff fore there care and treatment. I will miss them, but I am so happy I wonít be visiting anymore because I have been healing body and mind. Thanks to all-Blanca M. 1/16/2014

Hello,   I thank God for placing a current patient of PPMRC in my life; this facility offers a marvelous environment where I have been taken care of in the most excellent way. I want to say that I have been to various medical places and I've never felt so well taken care of; the entire team is magnificent, from the physician, to my therapist and every other staff member. Every time I come in for my therapy sessions I do not want to go home; congratulations to you all for having such a great team and for taking care of each person who comes to PPMRC in pain. God bless you all!  Paola R.