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What is PM&R?

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), also known as Physiatry, is a medical specialty that involves the process of restoring function for a person who has been disabled as a result of a disease, disorder, or injury.

Physiatry provides integrated, multidisciplinary care aimed at recovery of the whole person - by addressing the individual's physical, emotional, medical, vocational, and social needs. A physician who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is called a Physiatrist.

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is the process of helping an individual achieve the highest level of function, independence and a good quality of life. Rehabilitation does not reverse or undo the damage caused by disease or trauma, but rather helps restore the individual to optimal health, functioning, and well-being. 

The Goal of Rehabilitation:

The purpose of rehabilitation is to help the patient reach the highest level of function by preventing complications, reducing disability, and improving independence.

The Rehabilitation Program:

Rehabilitation medicine is designed to meet each person's specific needs; therefore, each program is different, some general treatment components for rehabilitation programs include the following:

  • treating the basic disease and preventing complications
  • treating the disability and improving function
  • providing adaptive tools and altering the environment
  • teaching the patient and helping them adapt to lifestyle changes

The success of rehabilitation depends on many variables, including the following:

  • the nature and severity of the disease, disorder, or injury
  • the type and degree of any resulting impairments and disabilities
  • the overall health of the patient
  • family support